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Mozart String Quartets K.575, K.589, K.590
Label: Biddulph Recordings
Released: May 1, 2005
Catalog Num: 80215-2
"Played with tender, fastidious, and virtuoso sympathy by the Tokyo Quartet, these late Mozart works seemed enshrined in a recording that many may claim as definitive."
- Audiophile Audition

Movements such as the K589 minuet or the finale of K590 (to name only two) are endlessly rewarding, not least in performances as outstanding - refined yet richly expressive - as the Tokyo Quartet's. Four stars.
- The Times (UK)

"Their tone is refined, airy, fluid, finely articulated, often tinged with nostaglia..."
- Diapson (France)

A Major New Recording of Mozart's "King of Prussia" Quartets from the highly regarded Biddulph label performed by the legendary Tokyo String Quartet playing four exceptional Stradivari instruments once owned by Paganini.

Program details:

Mozart: The 3 "King of Prussia" Quartets

String Quartet in D, K.575
String Quartet in B-flat, K.589
String Quartet in F, K.590
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